Finding My Way Home

“I have arrived; I am home”

Thich Nhat Hanh

As a meditator, the word home represents being grounded and steady with my experience of life.

Overwhelming stress has put me on the defensive. Depression once deprived me of feeling alive at all. It can seem like there’s either too little life or too much.

Can I learn to experience the full dynamic range of life free from these entanglements?

Those who enter our light-filled meditation hall are not running away from life, but seeking a wise path through it.

Jack Kornfield

My path is mostly derived from Buddhist meditation.

Mindfulness opens the door to practice, but it is not the whole of the path.

The path includes the cultivation of beneficial qualities, which lead to and are developed by insight.

It begins with kindness and leads to an equanimity that frees us to be fully alive.