If optimism is a way of looking at life and happiness a condition that can be cultivated, one might as well get down to work without further delay.

The non-striving quality of mindfulness … fosters the development of peace and calm.

By cultivating the awareness of ‘being mode’ … we can sidestep the cascade of mental events that draws us down into depression.

By cultivating the awareness of ‘being mode’ … we might just open ourselves up to the limitless possibilities for happiness that life has to offer us.

By cultivating the awareness of ‘being mode’ we can get out of our heads and learn to experience the world directly, experientially, without the relentless commentary of our thoughts.

We learn to incline our hearts toward the qualities that ennoble our lives and liberate the moment from fear, ill will, and confusion.

The intentional cultivation of kindness, joy, compassion, and equanimity is an antidote to the habits and impulses of greed, hatred, and delusion.

The Dalai Lama got good at compassion because he worked at it. The seed of compassion is present in all of us.

We can choose to transform our minds so that they embody love, or we can allow them to develop habits and false concepts of separation.

Love and concern for all are not things some of us are born with and others are not. Rather, they are results of what we do with our minds.

I have sat in wonder at times in my meditation practice, thinking, ‘Can I actually be feeling this much love?’

Love is not a matter of currency or exchange. No one has enough to buy it, but everyone has enough to cultivate it.

The Buddha taught his students to develop a power of love so strong that their minds become like a pure, flowing river that cannot be burned.

Deep listening is the essence of mindfulness – a cultivating of intimacy with your own life unfolding, as if it really mattered. And it does.

Mindfulness is awareness, cultivated by paying attention in a sustained and particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.

You may discover that cultivating mindfulness has a way of giving your life back to yourself.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur

One virtue of the cultivation of mindfulness is to help us to turn toward that which we are most impelled to turn away from.

We can cultivate our solidity and freedom — solid in our deepest aspiration and free from our fears, misunderstandings, and suffering.

When the factors that contribute to true happiness have become clear to you, imagine that they begin to bloom in your mind. Resolve to nurture them day after day.

Lasting well-being arises from cultivating positive emotions and wisdom.