Being mindful means we approach situations with openness, even if we notice that they bring up feelings such as fear.

Kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity. They teach us to live in this world fearlessly.

We learn to incline our hearts toward the qualities that ennoble our lives and liberate the moment from fear, ill will, and confusion.

With the self-honesty, self-acceptance, and self-transparency of self-compassion, we have nothing to hide; and with nothing to hide, we have less to be afraid of.

What makes our normal response to stress so stressful is how it weighs us down, and how we fear it will overwhelm us. Compassion, on the other hand, lightens us up. We feel our burden lift a little. We see it in perspective.

One virtue of the cultivation of mindfulness is to help us to turn toward that which we are most impelled to turn away from.

Equanimity is a quality of strength and inner poise that allows us to respond to the world of experience without fear and hesitation.