Enjoy your practice with a relaxed and gentle attitude, with an open mind and a receptive heart.

Healing involves clearing the pathway to the open heart.

Mindfulness is not paying more attention but paying attention differently and more wisely – with the whole mind and heart, using the full resources of the body and its senses.

We learn to incline our hearts toward the qualities that ennoble our lives and liberate the moment from fear, ill will, and confusion.

Meditation creates greater mental clarity; seeing things with pure open-hearted awareness.

If you temper your heart with loving-kindness and prepare it like a fertile soil, and then plant the seed of compassion, it will greatly flourish. – Kamalashila (eighth century)

This is human nature – we’re vulnerable, and it’s a good thing. A fearless heart embraces this fundamental truth of our human condition.

We can develop the courage to see and be more compassionately in the world, to live our lives with our hearts wide open to the pain – and joy – of being human on this planet.

We do good because it frees the heart. It opens us to a wellspring of happiness.