This is what the Buddha called the greatest happiness: to know peace unchanged by changing conditions.

Our awareness is like the sky, and all the contents of awareness are passing clouds.

Time is fleeting. Don’t hold back. Appreciate this precious life.

Thoughts are mental events that pass through the mind like clouds or weather patterns pass through the sky.

Thoughts that come to us are mental events that naturally arise, stay for a while, and then fade of their own accord.

Cast off your attachment to the past. There is beauty to be found in change.

Every morning, I walk through the temple garden. Although it’s the same garden, it appears different from one day to the next.

To see things as they are, to see the changing nature, to see the impermanence, to see that constant flow of pleasant and painful events outside our control — that is freedom.

To choose hope is to step firmly forward into the howling wind, baring one’s chest to the elements, knowing that, in time, the storm will pass.

The Tibetans sometimes describe thoughts as writing on water, in essence empty, insubstantial, and transient.

Emotion is only a storm. It comes and it stays for awhile, and then it goes.