There is no such thing as failing at meditation, as long as we are mindful of our experience, whatever it is.

If our mind wanders 100 times during a period of formal practice, then we simply, and good-naturedly, bring it back 100 times.

Mindfulness meditation allows us to respond creatively to the present moment, freeing us from the knee-jerk reactions that start the cycle of rumination.

Mindfulness meditation encourages us to become more patient and compassionate with ourselves.

Meditation creates greater mental clarity; seeing things with pure open-hearted awareness.

“Buddhist teachings are not a religion, they are a science of mind.” — The Dalai Lama

I have sat in wonder at times in my meditation practice, thinking, ‘Can I actually be feeling this much love?’

The heart of skilful meditation is the ability to let go and begin again, over and over again.

Meditation is a way to develop our ability to act with intention rather than just react out of emotion.

Meditation is a profound way to develop our ability to escape our fight-or-flight reflex, and extend the pause between stimulus and response.

One of the most profound examples of what a prayerful and meditative life can give us is that pause; the freedom to respond instead of react.

Even ten minutes of meditating on compassion, on kindness for others, and you will see its effects all day.

It is very important as a beginner that you understand right from the start that meditation is about befriending your thinking. It’s about holding your thinking gently in awareness, no matter what is on your mind in a particular moment.

When we practice walking meditation, we arrive in every moment – we arrive at the destination of life.

Just sitting down and doing nothing is an art, the art of sitting meditation.

Don’t try to become a buddha. Just enjoy sitting meditation and accept yourself as you are.

This is the purpose of sitting meditation: being here, fully alive, and fully present.

Sitting meditation is very healing. We can just be with whatever is within us. We let it come, let it stay, then let it go.

Sitting meditation is a way for us to return home and give full attention and care to ourselves.

You will learn that meditation is quite natural. Simply directing your attention in a careful, considered way is the beginning.