Every step and every breath can be an opportunity for joy and happiness.

We can focus on the breath and remember that every in-breath is a new beginning and every out-breath a release, a new letting go.

The practice is always giving us the chance to begin again, in this moment, with this breath.

Through repeated practice we see over and over again that each in-breath is a new beginning and each out-breath a fresh letting go.

Our breathing is with us wherever we go. No matter what we are doing, feeling, or experiencing. It is always available to help us reconnect our attention to the present moment.

You can tune into your breathing for brief moments throughout the day, and in that way, bring greater awareness to your life unfolding in whatever circumstances you find yourself.

To take refuge in our mindful breathing, to come back to the present moment, is to take refuge in the beautiful, serene island within each of us.

With just three conscious breaths we can release the tension in our body and mind and return to a cool, clear state of being.

When we stop to breathe and restore our calm and our peace, we become free, our work becomes more enjoyable, and the friend in front of us becomes more real.

The practice of stopping is crucial. How do we stop? We stop by means of our in-breath, our out-breath, and our step.

If we know how to take refuge in our breath, in our step, then we can touch our seeds of peace and joy.

When we sit down peacefully, breathing and smiling with awareness, we have sovereignty over ourselves.

Breathing in, I enjoy my in-breath. Breathing out, I enjoy my out-breath.

When you pay attention to your in-breath and out-breath, you bring yourself home to the present moment, to the here and the now, and you are in touch with life.

If you follow your in-breath and out-breath all the way through, your mind is no longer thinking. Now your mind has a chance to rest.

Breathing in, I know I’m breathing in.

Breathing out, I know I’m breathing out.

Paying attention to our in-breath and out-breath brings our mind back to our body. And suddenly we are there, fully present in the here and the now.